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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello 2016

It has been a while since I last updated my post (such a lame opening). Year 2015 was ended with a doubt, I complicate my new year eve by tender a resign letter without accepting any offer. A risk was I might be unemployed for few months and slacking around doing nothing or diligently update my linkedin profile. Past few months were such a bad months to me. Despite of inter-transfer to the one (department) I liked, this was worth mentioning, bad was I have resigned in within a month after I entered.  I have being lectured for not sincere, at the meantime I have lost my main principle of life - Integrity. 

Decision-making is not a good game to deal with for a typical Libra like me, weighing which is good or bad, it will take me forever to come with an answer. Libra is a "kind-hearted", whose doesn't wish to disappoint any parties. Time is running, peer influence is strong, advice comes from everywhere, these making myself sick. The harder part is that I have to crack my head off just to draw a happy ending, no matter how I make the conclusion, I have to either making one party down to balance up my "libra". 

I am thankful to have such a supportive family and friends, whose has making my decision firm, whose acting as my consultant during the time I need. Final decision still lies on my hand, hence, I have decided to move on and chase for my dream. I felt bad when I Have this selfish thought, when looking forward, I have no regret of making such decision. I do believe 2016 would be a challenging year ahead, and sharpen myself to be a better person, mentally and psychologically.

Thanks to these beautiful people who making me temporary out of worries. 

One of my important pillars

No doubt, U will always be there for me! 

My soul 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stanza ll

The first thing I think of when I woke- Breakfast! Breakfast can affect my mood of the day, hence, good breakfast is crucial =P . As usual, toasted bread, an egg which look more to like a duck egg, and the most funny thing was, I was thinking to have a cup of Milo instead of coffee (I'm 'allergy' towards caffeine), and we've found a bottle of brown color powder, without hesitation, I had 4 spoonful of powder into my cup (I love concentrated drink), and added with small amount of hot water. Who knows! That was coffee! Imagine, concentrated coffee, I was like ouch, if I get to drink this 'concentrated coffee', I'll be having tachycardia for whole day. After the silly acts, we've got to pack our luggages and move out from this hostel, reluctantly. Before leaving, one-spot-one-photo again.

Oh well, our lovely hostel personnel finger. Not to forget this blue wavy hair lady. The signature mural in this hostel.
Not to forget instax, Parkinson's stimulated-mode

After these photo sections, we gotta say goodbye to MNL. We'd spotted few cheap hotels/hostels a day before, thus, we excitedly moved everything from MNL to the new hotel. And guess what, we were bounded back to MNL at last. A communication breakdown between both parties leads to this incident. MNL was occupied and we officially declare that we were homeless. Almost an hour of lingering, we decided to move into the newly open hotel, Mecasa hotel, just located right behind MNL. Mecasa is owned by a Korean, operated for less than half year, its rate considers cheap in term of hotel. It's lovely place, a place full of loves, and warmth. The room is not that spacious though, but still enough to accommodate all of our stuffs. Mecasa is actually sided to B&B than a hotel, it is complementary with breakfast and room services provided.  Oh well, you can live like a king and queen, and mess like a kid in your room. 

Welcoming with LOVE

How creative this map is. 
Not to forget how we get the source of our lunch. We'd instant maggies imported from China! Actually it was given by China couple we met in Mecasa. See, full of loves right! Two packs with one sausage shared by four of us. A lil satisfaction in me. 

July is forecasted to be a rainy month.  And yes, it rains, for few days. The third day night, we got a plan to Pubcrawl, meaning Pubs hopping. Early bird would get a discount, girls can even get a lower price! Total of 5 pubs we hopped, few shots we had and just for 799 pesos. They provide us the yellow tee (you can trim into the shape you wanted) and a small cup. So no worry of the custom you've to wear to a pub.

The tee of the night
With an idea of turning strangers into friends, it's indeed a good place to make new friends. Be wild for a night is worth the price. Partygoers everywhere, so just be part of them as well. Upon entering every pub, you'll get a free drink, and certainly, you'll get a free shots with no reason. Well, random extraction of some photos from PubCrawl's page.

I'd make a conclusion for myself, I'm not a nocturnal animal, and I dislike alcohol, how sad! But it was fun, seriously. A good exercise indeed as you will be waving your head and shaking your body when the music is on.  Free drinks, free musics, and free yourselves. Well well, after the fifth pub, you may leave at your own risk and start with your own activities. Where our activity was get back to sleep. 

Another day arrive early as usual, we did not experience any post alcohol syndrome luckily. We joined one of the Koreans (Boracay is occupied by Koreans, Koreans are everywhere) to Willy's rocks. One of the signature spots for photo-taking in Station 1 and it's FOC. The tides were strong on that day, we can't even walk properly, sea breeze was strong, and algae was everywhere on the white beach. 

Look at the tide! 
Here comes the Willy's rocks
Daniel - Evon - Darren - Steve -Willy's rocks

Group Selfie with Willy's!
Oh well, mission accomplished, we managed to take photo with the Willy's after a painful walk. A hot sunny day, milk shake is a must. Jonas's is the most famous milkshakes outlets in Boracay. It has more than 3 outlets or more in within the 3 stations. All the shakes cost you less than 100 pesos. Unless you order those extraordinary shakes, it charges you more. I'd avocado shake, and do try out their coconut shake, the taste is comparable with the one in Malacca's.  

There are plenty of coconut trees, but not the bended coconut tree I wanted. Sigh! 
Milkshake isn't a thirst quencher, it makes me more thirst. Next we headed to D'Talipapa market, located near to station 3. Quite a distance from Willy's to Talipapa market. The market was quiet when compared with D'mall, this may be due to rainy day. Variety of souvenirs can be found here with cheap price, and most importantly, haggle! I got most of my souvenirs here, things sell are almost the same as in D'mall, but here would be cheaper. They do sell raw seafood in a cheap price too, the highlight of the seafoods is... FRESH. May buy the seafood and cook yourselves if you want, or ask the locals to cook (You've to pay for the ingredients though). Besides, dried mango (60 pesos/pack) is famous in Boracay, a good souvenir to bring back too.

D'Talipapa is one of the good spots with cheap food occupied. Otherwises, Andok's restaurant is meant for those having tight budgets. Yes, we were, hence, we walk in. The price is CHEAP! Not more than 100 pesos per person, and with this price, you'll get chicken or pork with rice. You may request for more rice if you want to, and it's FOC! How awesome it was! The taste is good and the portion is generous enough. Highly recommend this restaurant if you were in tight budget. 

A day of non-stop walking, we were tiring and back to hotel to get a short nap. Around 4 pm, we went for sunset at white beach, station 1. A relaxing walk by the beach, with the accompany of sunset. 

Sun set
Willy's rocks
Close view of Willy's rocks
Willy's back! XD 
Coincidently, we met the China couple here. They were crazy on the jump shots, kept on jumping here and there, such a lovely couple. Since that night was their last night in Boracay, we'd dinner in Greece's restaurant, Cyma, inside D'mall, station 2. In Philippines, we tried greek's food, how special. To me, it is pricey, the spaghetti was big portion, crepe was nice to eat but not the desserts. The mix desserts were a nightmare, perhaps Greece dessert is originally not that 'sweet'. 
The awful dessert of the night
Group selfie
The flaming dish. This dish served with a special shout-out. They'll shout 'hoo-hey' before serving this. A must-order appetizer when dine in here. 
The love birds
Another day ended with laughter with the couple. 

- Stanza II - 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Refreshing my memory in Boracay Stanza 1

4 hrs and 30 mins of flight torture from Malaysia to Kalibo, Philippine. Finally we had the chance to stretch our muscle cells! Upon reaching, we quickly formed a team of 7 (it's good if you've found somebody to haggle for the price), the more people you gather, the cheaper price you will get. Finally, we picked KIATA, they offered us quite a reasonable price, with 400 pesos (including the terminal fees, environmental fees and boat fare!) Hence, another long journey began, with 2 hrs van to the port and 20 mins of boat heading to the mesmerizing island. The boss of KIATA, Alan,an electrical engineering student, rather be a driver instead of an engineer. Couldn't agree more to his decision, be a boss is far far better than be an inferior! And his driving skill is crazy! Imagine a city without traffic lights, but I can't spot any traffic lights in the town though. 

After the 2 hrs 20 mins, we've finally reached Boracay! And yet we have to take another 10 mins tricycle ride to our hostel. The hostel I'd chosen located in between station 1 and 2, they charged us 120 pesos/tricycle. After this final ride, yeah, we were here for MNL beach hostel Boracay. Do book online and get the discounted price, and enjoy the facilities. This was the best hostel that I've ever stayed, nice environment, nice people and with a nice breakfast provided =). I'm in love with the design of the room, I'd use chambers to describe, we stayed in six-chamber room! 

The front desk of MNL

The six-chamber room we stay! Awesome design , right ?

On the first day, we departed in the morning, and reached at night. Totally exhausted. Since Boracay is famous for sunset, without hesitation, we went for our very first water spot for only 150 pesos/pax. Sadly, we din't manage to see the sunset due to too cloudy. The boat sailing for 30 mins and basically we just get our feets and butt wet and back to the shore. After the disappointing sunset, we went to seek for some local delights, and ends up eating in a non-local cafe for a huge pizza. What we enjoyed the most in the cafe was taking section! We took for almost an hour just for some nice photos. 

Photo capturing the photo

Whole face is too mainstream? Half face will do.

A very happening island at night, even happening than in morning. For those who love night life, this is a great place indeed.  Not to forget about the white beach. The most popular tourist spot. I have to emphasis on the sand of the white beach, just imagine your feets are socked in flour, so powdery. And do build your own sand castle or whatever creatures you could, it was fun. Our first night was ended with fire dancing, sea breeze and some childish games by the white beach.

We took this a day before we leave Boracay

The day arrived early, and all of us get up early to secure our breakfast. MNL Hostel provides self-service breakfast with breads and eggs ready, the non-stop working toaster and variety of jam for you to pick. A simple breakfast to kick-start our day to the beaches! 

Looks delicious, spot the egg, wonder whether it's duck egg?

The weather was seriously killing, without a proper sun-blocking, the chances of getting sun-burn were 200%. Second day was well spent with island hopping. Hops for three islands in total and just cost us 800 pesos/pax with buffet lunch provided, and hop for six hrs. We depart for quite rush as we been dealing with too much of locals, they offered a very low price, in reluctant way. In order to enjoy like a king and queen, we opted for the expensive one, and we did enjoy! First island, hmmm, coves to be exact, name as crystal coves island, we have to pay for the entrance fee (20 pesos/pax) to just for photos taking and get ourselves hydrated.

One spot one photo starts

A lot of statues placed inside and it was just like a day museum. Of course we not to forget to capture some nice photos there, as we paid for that! 

Well, the Korean is out tour-guide for the day
The cove was small, with only one-way spiral staircase to get into the cove. Upon entering, the water is crystal clear, chill and with high buoyancy. The water is very salty and hence, can be easily floated without any moves. 
See the water! Ensuring this kiddo not to be drawn in the salt water
We spent quite some time here, for swimming course purpose. Haha. And we headed to another cove after an hr, and the distance was far apart. A 5 mins walk under a hot sun was killing still. Cove 2 looked abandon, never know hiding so much of people inside until we walked inside. Cove 2 is shallow, reachable deep, and is good for underwater photo-taking. The time frame they allowed us to stay in this island was just 1.5 hrs, and we were the last to return back to the boat, but, who cares? 

The next island was crocodile island, couldn't spot any crocodile, or elses I'd not be sitting and writing this. The shape of the island in certain angle looks like a crocodile, and since then they named it crocodile island, perhaps. 

On the way hopping to another island, crocodile island
We did snorkel in this amphibian island and do remember to steal some breads from your hostel, it benefits you in fish-sight-seeing. They do throw breads into the sea, enticing the silly fishes, and we were happy for that, or else we were just seeing the immobile coral reefs, the ugly sea urchins and big chunks of rocks. After a short session of snorkeling, finally we can have our buffet lunch in another anonymous island.  They served variety of food, and with unlimited supply of cokes, pepsi or beer. The best thirst quencher no doubt belong to the cokes and pepsi, replenish our glucose depletion state. 

Puka beach was the last island we visited before heading back. This island famous for the shells, the sand is coarse, and it's a great place to escape yourself a while from the crowd. People sun bathing here, picnic here, and seeking for shells here. No water sports in PUKA, just a place to relax and savoring those moments with friends.

Welcome to PuKa

Isn't jump shot is the best for photo taking, you need not to think of your posture!
6-hour of hopping, cells were exhausted and it was time to back and get a good rest. In short, island hopping with only 800 pesos were awesome! It worth the prices! LoVe it so much! 

Dinner of the day

-- Stanza One -- 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today philosophy:"Choose a job that makes you happy, but not worry".

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Life goes this way, born-study-work-marry-XXX, and now, I am entering the third phase, which is to work, to earn and to take care of my family. It sounds like I ain't the little kid that I used to be during my study life. To me, such a friendship-typed person, I definitely miss my study life [of course! Everyone knows. Somehow I boring till flipping through the Facebook photos, never bored of viewing them]. 

Friends dispersed everywhere, some opted for further study, some still studying, while some enter working life. So easy right the question? To study or to work, just choose either path which make yourselves pleasant. A few days up to weeks of pondering, writing down the pros and cons about working and studying, and still, I feel like working and yet feel like studying. 

And don't know what, last week, I accepted the job offer from pharma company, its all about drugs, selling the drugs to doctors, you have to speak with knowledges instead of blasting your grandmother stories to those knowledgeable doctors. I'm scared, scare of making a wrong decision. But what to do, challenge accepted, just to see how am I going to pave my future. 

Importantly, don't ever let your friends' choice affect you, this is the reason why I was pondered for so long to make up my mind, to prepare myself mentally and physically into working environment. 

I miss my friendzone