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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello 2016

It has been a while since I last updated my post (such a lame opening). Year 2015 was ended with a doubt, I complicate my new year eve by tender a resign letter without accepting any offer. A risk was I might be unemployed for few months and slacking around doing nothing or diligently update my linkedin profile. Past few months were such a bad months to me. Despite of inter-transfer to the one (department) I liked, this was worth mentioning, bad was I have resigned in within a month after I entered.  I have being lectured for not sincere, at the meantime I have lost my main principle of life - Integrity. 

Decision-making is not a good game to deal with for a typical Libra like me, weighing which is good or bad, it will take me forever to come with an answer. Libra is a "kind-hearted", whose doesn't wish to disappoint any parties. Time is running, peer influence is strong, advice comes from everywhere, these making myself sick. The harder part is that I have to crack my head off just to draw a happy ending, no matter how I make the conclusion, I have to either making one party down to balance up my "libra". 

I am thankful to have such a supportive family and friends, whose has making my decision firm, whose acting as my consultant during the time I need. Final decision still lies on my hand, hence, I have decided to move on and chase for my dream. I felt bad when I Have this selfish thought, when looking forward, I have no regret of making such decision. I do believe 2016 would be a challenging year ahead, and sharpen myself to be a better person, mentally and psychologically.

Thanks to these beautiful people who making me temporary out of worries. 

One of my important pillars

No doubt, U will always be there for me! 

My soul 


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